Watch: Sea lion throws stingray at kayaker

Luckily it didn't land in the boat...

Sea lion actually throws stingray at kayaker

This amazing footage, filmed earlier this year in Orange Country, California, shows a kayaker filming a sea lion dipping up and down on the surface.

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All of a sudden the sea lion bursts through the surface while clearly tussling with something.

Just moments later it becomes clear the sea lion has a stingray in its mouth and, while wrangling with the creature, it deftly flicks the ray sideways.

The stingray ends up landing just inches away from the edge of the kayak as the woman filming squeals in fear.

According to National Geographic you're most likely to find stingrays in shallow coastal waters.

The stingray's barb has serrated edges and the underside is capable of producing a deadly venom.

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