Cruise passenger survives 38 hours at sea after falling overboard

Royal Caribbean cruise passenger rescued after 38 hours

Cruise passenger survives 38 hours at sea after falling overboard

A woman has survived for more than 38 hours in the sea after falling overboard on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

The 32-year-old woman, called Wang Si, from Shanghai, was on a trip from Japan to China with her parents when she accidentally fell overboard on Wednesday 10 August.

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Her parents raised the alarm when she failed to return from a walk around the ship.

More than 100 volunteers searched the ship to no avail, and her parents were told that if she had fallen overboard it was unlikely she had survived.

The Mariner of the Seas docked at its home port of Shanghai the next morning (Thursday) at 6am.

Then, on Friday morning, her father received a phone call saying his daughter had been spotted by a fisherman floating alive in the coastal waters near Zhoushan, reports the Telegraph.

Wang Si said she had fallen overboard from the fourth deck when she leaned too far over the railing to look at the sea. She said she called for help but nobody heard her.

Her survival has left everybody shocked as she had nothing to cling to, was not wearing a lifejacket, and even managed to have a sleep.

According to the Mirror, Wang Si is a very strong swimmer and has a degree in sport, which undoubtedly helped save her life.

She emerged from the ordeal with only minor injuries, including scratches and jellyfish stings.

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