Monkey wearing nappy 'attacks' man in Walmart car park

The monkey had escaped from a nearby camper van

Escaped monkey wearing nappy 'attacks' man in Walmart car park

A monkey wearing a nappy has been caught on camera 'attacking' a man at a Walmart in America.

Onlooker Richelle Stewart had pulled into the car park at a Walmart in Lancaster, Ohio, when she spotted the escaped monkey getting aggressive with an employee at the trolleys.

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According to the Telegraph, the monkey had escaped from a camper van parked outside the store on the evening of 14 August.

Richelle uploaded footage of the scene to Facebook with the caption: "I just video tapped a monkey attacking a guy at Walmart in Lancaster Ohio!! #crazy#only@walmart."

The clip has been viewed over 260,000 times.

It's thought the man was attempting to help the monkey's owner catch it, although the owner is seen pushing him away.

Ms Stewart wrote on Facebook: "I think the woman was scared the monkey was going to bite him. So she pushed the guy away.

"It was crazy. We pulled up to Walmart and were that a monkey?!?!? Haha."

A spokesperson from Walmart told NBC4 that employee was not bitten, and that the owner was "grateful" for his help.

The Department of Agriculture is now trying to track down the monkey to make sure it is registered.

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