Coffins float in street after Louisiana flooding

More than two feet of water has fallen in two days

Eerie Coffins Seen Floating Through Flooded Louisiana Streets

As fatal floods continue to consume the streets of Louisiana, another concern has citizens worried.

Coffins have been spotted floating in the water along what was previously a road, adding to an already devastating scenario.

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According to the Walker Police Department, the caskets appear to have come from a nearby cemetery due to the high water levels.

According to Metro over two feet of water has fallen in Zachary, a town in Louisiana, in just two days.

Some have said that the flooding is worse that Hurricane Katrina, which hit the United States in 2005, where it caused total devastation.

As much as 17 inches of rain has fallen in parts of the state and locals are doing all they can to look after themselves and those around them.

A local man was spotted pushing his dogs through the flood waters on an inflatable mattress.

He said: "It was two inches when I left this morning and it's now about three feet in my house. So I'm just trying to get these dogs out and then I'm good and I can find a shelter."

Unsurprisingly, government officials have declared a state of emergency after the historic flood left at least five people dead and thousands in shelters.

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Weather sayings: True or false?