Would you visit this haunted island in Italy?

Although officially uninhabited, it's said to be home to spirits and monsters

Want to know the dark secrets of this haunted island?

Would you dare to travel to an island said to be haunted by spirits and monsters?

Maria Guidotti first set foot on Island Bisentina in Italy when she was six-years-old and you can only visit the island with her but don't worry because she knows all of the island's darkest secrets.

Prince Giovanni del Drago lived on this island and it's said that his soul can still be found there.

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She said: "The island has been a big part of my life. It really entered into my spirit."

The island is found in the Lago di Bolsena, around 130km from Rome.

In this place of mystery, there are plenty of spirits with many local legends talking about ghosts, demons and monsters.

A tunnel on the island, shown in the footage above, is said to lead to the legendary city of 'Agartha'.

Maria says: "This was a place of punishment. All those against the church were imprisoned here.

"Some believe it's the passage to a better world."

The legendary city of Agartha is found in the earth's core and is home to millions, but they might not be the only 'inhabitants'.

Some say that the ghosts of the Franciscan Order are still found on the island, together with other monstrous creatures.

Maria added: "The local fisherman also used to say that they had seen the devil in this lake."

Officially the island has no inhabitants, but Maria thinks otherwise... would you brave a trip?

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