What's different about this giraffe?

Hmm, there's seem to be something missing...

What's different about this giraffe?

This giraffe appears to have taken the phrase 'wind your neck' a little too literally as it appeared to be pictured without its most distinctive feature.

The giraffe is almost unrecognisable in the bizarre photograph, which shows the giraffe without its characteristic long neck.

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But while it may look like this giraffe suffers from an unfortunate deformity, its unusual appearance is actually the result of a perfectly timed photo.

Amateur photographer Linda de Waal, 57, was in the right place at the right time as she took the photo at the exact moment the giraffe bent down and its neck disappeared out of view.

A stay-at-home mum from Pietermaritzburg in South Africa, Linda captured these images by sheer chance while on holiday with her husband in July.

What's different about this giraffe?

The couple were a mere 15 metres away from the animals when she took a particular shine to this playful young giraffe and began snapping away.

She said: "There was a group of young giraffes and they were playing in a herd of about 33.

"I felt over the moon with joy when I saw the herd. I love giraffes and to see such a big herd with about 10 youngsters was so exciting.

"I was watching the giraffes play when this one suddenly stopped and looked at me. It was a real little character.

"It was just fooling around, running and playing with the other giraffes when it stopped in this position making it look like it had no neck.

"I was quite lucky to get the images as my camera was already zoomed in and I didn't use any specialist techniques or equipment.

"I love taking photos of animals and birds and always try to capture them in motion or in strange positions.

"I think these images are one of a kind though for me, you're not always so lucky as to see giraffes play.

"When I saw the photos I just loved everything about them, particularly how the giraffes blend so well with the nature. They are such graceful animals."

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