Ever seen a bright blue lobster?

Caught in New England, they're said to be one in two million

Fisherman Catches Amazing Blue Lobster

Lobsters are all orange, right? Wrong. Every once in a while fisherman can be lucky enough to come across an electric blue lobster.

This is exactly what happened to Wayne Nickerson in New England recently when he pulled in his net only to find a 'brilliant blue' lobster sat on top of the pile.

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Jan, Wayne's wife, explained what happened: "My husband caught the lobster, the blue lobster, early in the morning and as soon as he had it on the boat he was so excited."

She explained that they took the blue lobster and they separated it from the rest of the catch.

These rare lobsters are said to be one in two million and take on the bright blue colour thanks to a genetic defect.

The lobster caught in New England is a two pound male and was described as an 'almost fluorescent blue' in colour.

Nickerson and his wife had hoped that the lobster would be going to live in the New England aquarium, however they already have a blue lobster living there.

It has been suggested that the unusual critter is taken to the aquarium in Chicago instead, which is the second most visited in the USA.

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