Terrifying moment lion cub tries to snatch toddler

It all happened on live TV...

See Horrifying Moment A Lion Cub Tried To Snatch Screaming Toddler Live on TV

This horrifying video of a lion cub pouncing on a baby during a TV programme is going viral.

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The incident happened during a taping of the former Mexican program called 'Con Sello de Mujer in 2007.' The video has recently resurfaced online and being seen by millions.

The little girl can be seen sitting quietly on her mother's lap as the presenter talks to the camera.

Suddenly the large lion cub leaps upwards and grabs the little girl's legs and attempts to drag her away from her mother's arms.

At one point the animal even tries to latch onto the little girl's legs with its razor sharp teeth, while her mother cries out in panic.

The cub's trainers are quick to react and eventually manage to pull the dangerous animal off the child as they all sighed in relief.

The little girl, who is clearly terrified, is then comforted by the television presenter as she cries.

Luckily everybody involved in the incident came away unharmed.

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