Quick-thinking captain rescues drowning dog

Onlookers thought the dog was a seal at first...

Quick-Thinking Captain Rescues Little Dog Who Fell Off Ferry

This small dog fell off a ferry near Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts was lucky to survive after being rescued by a quick-thinking captain.

No one knew what the animal was until they got a closer look.

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Terri Souza, who was watching from another boat, said: "My sister and I were sitting up top and as we were crossing the ocean she was like 'hey look, it's a seal!'"

She said they suddenly realised it wasn't a seal but instead, a small dog.

When the ferry's captain, Ronnie Rock, spotted the dog he immediately wanted to save her, but the size of the boat posed difficulties.

Instead of attempting the dangerous rescue in his own boat, the captain alerted a small fishing boat nearby.

The fishing boat got close enough to grab the dog out of the waters and cheers ever everywhere. The Britney spaniel is alive and well, taking a deserved rest.

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