Sleep in two countries in one hotel

The Arbez Hotel sits on the border of France and Switzerland

Sleep in Two Countries When You Stay at This Hotel

This hotel is probably the only place in the world that you can do sleep in two countries at the same time.

The two-star Arbez Hotel is situated in both France and Switzerland, blending both cultures effortlessly.

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The unusual hotel even has both a French and a Swiss address.

Jules Josef Arbez established the hotel after he bought the property which was a bar and a shop on either side of the border in 1921.

The hotel is still family-owned and popular among ski aficionados as well as travellers going between France and Switzerland.

All of the hotel's bedrooms sit right on the border so you can sleep with your head in one country and your feet in another.

The hotel's restaurant also mixes both cuisines, serving traditional Swiss fondue and French foie gras too.

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