Dolphin snatches spectator's iPad at SeaWorld Orlando

Let's hope she had insurance...

Watch a Dolphin Snatch a Woman's iPad at Seaworld

This dolphin at SeaWorld in Orlando decided to use its impressive intelligence to have a little fun with one of the spectators circling its tank.

The footage shows the dolphin popping up out of the water, close to the edge of its enclosure.

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A woman standing nearby can be see holding her iPad, presumably ready to snap a picture of the graceful creature as it got closer.

However, things took a slightly different turn when the dolphin jumped out of the water and grabbed the woman's iPad in its mouth, tossing it into the water.

Luckily, thanks to the case the iPad was in, it didn't fall below the surface and the visitor was able to grab her gadget out of the water before it sank.

As the woman walks away, visitors squeal as the dolphin pops back up out of the water before spinning around and splashing onlookers with its tail.

One of the employees can be heard speaking over a tannoy at the end of the clip, warning visitors, saying: "As you can see the dolphins can reach your loose items!"

The video was posted to YouTube just two days ago and has been views nearly 120,000 times since then.

Britain's amazing sea life

Britain's amazing sea life