Three secret places in Italy even the Italians don't know about

Discover Italy off the beaten track and beat the crowds

3 Amazing Italian Places Even Locals Don't Know Exist

Tired of other tourists photobombing your holidays snaps of the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Had enough of spending your holiday standing in queues to see famous landmarks? Or maybe you're fed up of paying ridiculous prices for a cup of coffee near the Trevi Fountain?

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Italy's most famous landmarks are no secret, but if you want to explore the lesser-known side of the country, here are three places even the average Italian might not know about.

Masone Labyrinth
This is the world's largest labyrinth and it can be found in Fontanellato, Parma in northern Italy. This 80,000-square-metre maze is made from 600,000 bamboo plants and it takes approximately three hours to find your way out. The perplexing labyrinth is open to members of the public and you can get tickets for around €15.

Ancient town of Civita di Bagnoregio with Tiber river valley in golden evening light, Lazio, Italy

Civita Di Bagnoregio
This almost abandoned town which is approximately 80 miles north of Rome is home to only 10 people, so count yourself lucky if you manage to find one of the few residents. A footbridge is the only way in and out of this lovely village. Some call it the Ghost Village and some call it a Jewel in the Hills, while others refer to it as the town that is dying.

Reschensee mit Kirche - Reschensee with church 11

Lake Rechen
This lake, located in South Tyrol, is Italy's answer to Atlantis. The intentionally submerged village was once home to more than 160 families but it had its future washed away when a Swiss company decided to build a dam in 1940 but this was not completed until 1950. As a result, all that is left of the mountain village is the submerged steeple of a 14th century church. Some say that you can still hear the church bells ring during the winter when the lake has frozen even though they were removed from the tower in 1950.

Secret Italy: Where to escape the crowds

Secret Italy: Where to escape the crowds