Girl grabs for boyfriend's leg in failed cliff dive, he pulls away

Footage shows jump from rocks go epically wrong

Girl grabs for boyfriend's leg in failed cliff dive, he pulls away

The internet is going crazy over a video that appears to show a man pulling his leg away as his girlfriend tries to grab on during a failed cliff jump.

The couple are seen perched on rocks overlooking beautiful blue waters below.

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The girl prepares herself to jump in but either trips or suddenly decides against it and stumbles.

She tries to grab on to her boyfriend's foot on the way down, but he automatically pulls it away and she plunges to the water below.

There were a number of differing views over who was in the right or wrong in the video.

The footage was originally posted on Reddit and, according to the Express, one user wrote: "Soooo dangerous. You gotta commit to the jump."

According to the Mirror, another wrote: "Would have been safer to push her further out than try and stop her from falling."

However, a number of people just thought it was an unfortunate accident and no one was at fault. On YouTube, one user wrote: "He clearly did not know what was happening. The fall probably caught him off guard. The girl tried to drag him with her, I don't see what the guy did wrong... In fact if she dragged his foot down with her, the counterforce would probably have made her smash into the cliff."

Another mused: "As humans we reflex to save ourselves. Her reflex to save herself was to grab something, his reflex to save him self from being pulled down was to pull his leg away."

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