Buff beluga whale shows off impressive six-pack

Who knew whales could have rock hard abs?

Buff beluga whale shows off impressive six-pack

This beluga whale appears to be showing off his amazing toned beach body.

The muscular whale looks pretty smug as he flexes in the water, displaying an impressive ripped six-pack.

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The brawny beluga reportedly found himself surrounded by a swarm of fawning females – but he only had eyes for one whale, who was clearly impressed by his show-boating as they cuddled up together.

The picture was caught on camera by photographer David Merron, at the Cunningham River in Somerset Island, Canada.

David, 39, said: "It looks like this whale has put in a lot of days at the gym.

"I was really impressed – it gave me inspiration to do some sit-ups that evening.

"I'd been watching whales every day for weeks, and I hadn't notice any of the whales with particularly ripped bods – so I was fairly shocked.

"When you think of a whale, covered in blubber, you don't think of toned abdominals – especially the beluga whales, who spend their lives in the coldest of waters and have blubber 10-15cm thick to keep them warm.

"Whale watching is always a pleasure – there are up to 2,000 congregating at one time in this particular location during July.

"It's a truly unique location, and an experience that only a few people each year have the pleasure of witnessing."

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