Warning as warm waters could attract sharks to Britain this weekend

Huge mackerel haul set to bring porbeagles and blue sharks to UK beaches

Porbeagle Shark (Lamna nasus) (c,dm) Nova Scotia, Canada. North Atlantic Ocean

Britons are being warned to watch out for sharks at UK beaches as high temperatures attract porbeagles and blue sharks to hunt for mackerel along British shores.

Warm waters are set to attract the biggest haul of mackerel in 30 years and as the fish is a staple diet of the porbeagle, the razor-toothed sharks could come close to our beaches.

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Graham Pullen, a fisherman and presenter of online programme the Totally Awesome Fishing Show, told Metro: "This huge influx of mackerel is sure to draw in the sharks – blue sharks, thresher sharks and the porbeagle shark all eat mackerel.

"It might be wise for people to be aware of any big shoals of mackerel, as you never know what sort of predator might be hunting them."

Just a few days ago, two friends out fishing in Pembrokeshire reeled in a porbeagle shark.

Mark Turner and Simon Show told the Sun that they "couldn't believe their eyes" as they caught the huge seven-foot shark.

After reeling it in, the pair captured a video on their phone before letting it go.

Last week, a beachgoer at Skegness photographed a shark on the shore after spotting the sea creature at the popular beach.

Stephen Gilson shared a photo of the shark and said: "Deffo not going in the water now".

The common smooth-hound shark, which is also known as smooth dogfish, aggregates in large numbers like a pack of dogs.

A number of the sharks were seen at beach in Lincolnshire, with terrified holidaymakers refusing to go in the water, the Grimsby Telegraph reported.

Marilyn Fenton wrote on Facebook: "We saw some I'm not even having a paddle in the sea now."

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