Sickly tiger saved from circus falls in love

Aasha was rescued five years ago

Sickly Tiger With Stripes Missing Saved From Circus Falls In Love with Soulmate

A tiger that was left in serious pain after being mistreated in a circus is believed to have found love with a new mate.

The size of a large bobcat, the 9-month-old named Aasha weighed only 30 pounds when she was rescued from a traveling circus where the US Department of Agriculture says she was treated terribly.

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Doctors spent the next few months giving Aasha medication for ringworm and bathing her.

Even though she was relatively young, caring for the animal was still dangerous.

Five years later, Aasha has grown from a sick cub to a loving playmate and she has her eyes on a male tiger, named Smuggler.

She may be small but Aasha has developed a huge personality.

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