Elephants start pool party in South Africa

The animals were spotted trying to drink from a guest's swimming pool

Fancy Joining an Elephant Pool Party?

A family on holiday in South Africa received the shock of their lives when they discovered a couple of elephants having a drink at their swimming pool.

Video footage shows four of the huge animals pressing their faces up against a fence trying to push their trunks through to have a drink from the pool outside a house.

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Two smaller elephants then come over to join them, clearly hoping to get in on the action too.

But it doesn't sound like everyone was too happy with the situation as the elephants could be seen pushing their heads so hard against the fence it started to break.

A little boy's voice can be heard saying: "It's breaking! Don't do that! It was all nice until you came."

One of the adults is quick to remind him that they are in fact staying in the elephant's natural habitat.

Towards the end of the footage there appears to be around eight or nine of the animals all pushing and shoving in the hope of getting a drink.

Pictures of baby elephants

Pictures of baby elephants

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