Pilot takes down passenger who pushed flight attendant

Hero American Airlines pilot steps in as passenger becomes unruly

Pilot takes down passenger who pushed flight attendant

An American Airlines pilot jumped into defend a flight attendant after a disruptive passenger pushed her.

Michael Kerr, 25, from Kentucky, became aggressive on a flight bound for Charlotte on 21 July.

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A video of the incident shows the pilot of the flight taking Kerr to the floor and shouting: "Enough! You don't put your hands on my flight attendant!"

Kerr was charged with attacking the flight crew after they asked him to sit down while the plane was taxiing to the gate, and he refused.

He was arrested after the plane had landed at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Kerr appeared in US District Court on charges of being intoxicated and disruptive, assault on a female, communicating threats and interfering with the duties of a flight crew or attendant.

He was released on $25,000 bond, but has been told he cannot fly on commercial airlines and cannot contact the flight attendant he attacked.

According to the Daily Mail, an FBI affidavit said Kerr, who had beeb drinking Jack Daniels, remained standing when asked to sit down, and threatened to break the flight attendant's jaw.

He then kicked one attendant in the leg and shoved another to the floor.

The document said the pilot and co-pilot got Kerr on the ground and used a seatbelt strap to restrain his legs.

It added that Kerr was "dragged" spitting, yelling and screaming off the plane by police.

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