Australia has drifted about five feet

The northerly movement is caused by tectonic activity

Australia Has Drifted About 5 Feet

The Australian government plans to update the country's map coordinates as the land mass has drifted nearly five feet since a survey 22 years ago.

This northerly movement, estimated to be about 2.75 inches a year, is caused by underlying tectonic activity.

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As such, a team with Geoscience Australia plans to re-calculate the current coordinates and replace the ones recorded in 1994.

Science Alert points out that the discrepancy is unlikely to affect everyday map users but could make a difference with technologies that rely on precise locations like autonomous vehicles.

A member of Geoscience Australia confirms this, telling the BBC: "If you want to start using driverless cars, accurate map information is fundamental."

According to Australia's ABC News, the new coordinates will be published in 2017 and 'based on projections to 2020.'

The tracking system will also be updated so the country's positioning is no longer fixed but reflects more incremental changes.

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