Kangaroo gets stuck in cattle grate

Luckily a good samaritan managed to release the distressed animal

Kangaroo Stuck in Cattle Grate

A kangaroo in Australia found itself in a sticky situation after getting stuck in a slippery cattle grate. Luckily, a good samaritan came along and freed it before it hopped back into the wild.

The start of the footage shows the man and his kids coming across the terrified animal which seems to have fallen head first through the bars.

Only the kangaroo's tail and feet are visible, sticking up out of the metal grate in the road.

The man then steps forward and takes hold of the kangaroo's feet, trying to pull the animal gently out of the grate without hurting it.

The animal doesn't seem too happy with the situation however as grunting noises can be heard coming from the space below.

Having passed the widest part of its body when the back legs and hips come free, the kangaroo then quickly emerges from the grate as the man continues to pull on its legs and tail.

Making sure he doesn't get kicked by the kangaroo, the man continues to hold onto its tail until the animal turns away and he lets go as the kangaroo races into the distance.

The man who rescued the animal, YouTube user nevertobereleased, said: "I was with my 11 and 7 year old boys when out photographing the sunrise in remote South Australia. It was a beautiful but freezing morning and after the photos we decided to go off in search of some firewood for the morning fire."

"On the way I passed a cattle grid with the roo's legs hanging out. It was a very bad look and I decided to stop and pull it out not even knowing if it was alive. As we approached its legs moved and I told my boys to stay back whilst I tried to remove it."

"My 11 year old loves his filming, who doesn't. I suggested he filmed it for mum and sister to show what we had unfortunately come across. The grid was icy and I told them to stay off it for their own safety."

He added: "We were all very excited to see the roo out and hopping off."

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