'Drunk' woman pulled from tracks seconds before train arrives

Woman narrowly escaped being hit thanks to quick-thinking staff at Surrey station

A close up of a set of train tracks at sunset.

A woman narrowly escaped being hit by a train in Woking, Surrey after stumbling onto the tracks on Wednesday.

Passengers watched in horror as she walked along the tracks and only just avoided the lethal high voltage 'third rail'.

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The woman, who was allegedly drunk, was then pulled from the tracks by staff at the train station just seconds before a train arrived.

The incident was filmed and posted on Twitter by commuter Jenna Welsh.

British Transport Police officers were called to the scene and trains were delayed.

A spokesman told Get Surrey: "Officers took her to a place of safety and left her in the care of health professionals," he said.

"Trains were stopped very briefly. By 6pm, everything was back up and running."

A Network Rail spokesman told the Daily Mail: "There was a trespass incident at Woking station on July 27 at approximately 5.30pm.

"A stopping train was approaching the platform [at the time] but was stopped by signallers.

"Nobody was injured but British Transport Police officers attended the scene."

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