Incredible footage of 30 basking sharks swimming off Scotland

Amazing drone footage captures gentle giants in Inner Hebrides

Basking sharks numbers increase in UK Seas

More than 30 basking sharks were filmed swimming off the coast of Scotland this week in an amazing video captured by drone.

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Basking Shark Scotland, which captured the footage, shared the incredible video on Facebook and wrote: "BOOM!!!!!! We hit the mega day yesterday, probably over 50 ‪#baskingsharks‬ in the end and around 30 in the first big aggregation. Luke flew the drone in glassy conditions and check out this insane footage!"

The video shows the beautiful creatures swimming near North Pier, Oban.

Since the footage was shared on Friday, it has been viewed over 55,000 times.

The wildlife tour operator told the BBC that the sharks were feeding on plankton during sunny weather in Scotland.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, owner Shane Wasile said: "Some visitors usually get to see one or two, sometimes even up to fifteen but when you come across large groups like this it's just great to see.

"For some guys it was their first trip and I had to tell them 'this doesn't happen every day'. They were completely blown away."

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