Bear cools off with swim in homeowner's pool (video)

Animal filmed taking a dip in California


A bear in California was filmed cooling off from the summer heat in a resident's swimming pool earlier this week.

The animal is seen making use of the empty pool as the homeowner films it having a swim from a distance.

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Arcadia Police Department posted the video on social media and wrote: "A resident shared this video with us of a bear cooling off in the family pool this morning. This serves as a great reminder we live in a foothill community and we live with wildlife."

On its blog, the Department added: "It's normal to see deer, bears, bobcats, and even the occasional mountain lion in the residential areas of the northern part of Arcadia.

"The City of Arcadia's proximity to the foothills increases the opportunity for various wildlife to wander into neighbourhoods and onto private property. Bears are no strangers to the foothill neighbourhoods and the likelihood of bears coming into yards, pools, and trashcans is increased during the warmer months."

It advises residents to secure bins, harvest ripened fruits from trees and not to feed the bears.

Animal photobombs

Animal photobombs

Bear goes for dip in California pool