Man proposes to girlfriend on Easyjet flight

Tourist drafts in help of cabin crew for midair proposal


Man proposes to girlfriend on Easyjet flight

A loved-up plane passenger sent his partner's spirits soaring after popping the question in midair.

Matthew Hedges, 32, was on an Easyjet flight to Majorca with his girlfriend Zosia Katnik, 30, when he drafted in the help of the cabin crew to ask for her hand in marriage.

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He first sought to help his partner - a nervous flyer - to relax with a special message from the flight's captain, which he knew would put her at ease.

Footage of the mid-flight marriage proposal showed Mr Hedges telling passengers: "The reason the captain made that little speech is because my girlfriend Zosia here is a really avid fan of going on holiday but struggles sometimes on the plane so gets really nervous.

"The only time she ever feels better is when she hears the captain's voice and she settles down - so I thought what better way than to ask what I wanted to ask than getting the captain to settle her down first?"

As his stunned bride-to-be watched in disbelief, Mr Hedges then dropped to one knee in the aisle and produced a ring.

He continued: "With the help of the captain, with the help of the cabin crew, I just wanted to ask you one very special question - will you do me the honour of being my wife?"

At that moment the cabin crew, who had been standing at his side, produced three cards reading "Will", "You" and "Marry Him?"

Man proposes to girlfriend on Easyjet flight

Ms Katnik wasted little time in agreeing to be his wife and her decision was greeted by loud cheers from their fellow passengers.

The couple were treated to free champagne by the airline and will return to Majorca in 2018 to tie the knot.

An Easyjet spokesman said: "We were excited to be asked to be involved in the couple's big moment and would like to congratulate them on their on board engagement."

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