Fight breaks out on luxury boat at regatta

Man filmed raining punches on another

Crazy Brawl Breaks Out Amongst Friends On Luxury Sailboat

A group of friends were enjoying a nice day on the Chesapeake Bay, USA, during a sailing boat regatta when a fight broke out on board — and it was caught on video.

The incident was filmed by Daryl Newhouse, who was in a nearby boat and alerted the Coast Guard to the violent altercation.

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Newhouse told Inside Edition: "That's when we saw that they were starting to fight. We saw someone throw something."

One of the men fighting ripped off the boat's antenna and started hitting his opponent with it.

Daryl said "We saw this boat kind of buzzing a number of the sail boats and getting dangerously close them."

She added: "That's when we saw they were starting to fight. We saw somebody throw something, someone spit and then the antenna broke off and he just started wailing on the other guy."

The footage clearly shows the man landing a number of punches on his opponents head as he grabs him around the neck.

Darly said: "We started to believe that somebody was going to go overboard quickly. Somebody might have got hit by the propellor."

Eventually the group in the boat settled down and the vessel sped off, making its way back to land but the unruly pair were still arguing.

The boat was rented and when it was returned those on board reportedly had to pay $3,000 in damages.

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