Parachuter glides down mountain in perfect line (video)

Man narrowly misses climbers and a mountain biker on the way down

Parachuter Flies down Mountain in Perfect Line

A parachuter jumped of a mountain and managed to reach the bottom in a perfect line.

He narrowly missed hitting the ground at various points on his journey and swerved around people who scattered about.

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The footage above shows the brave man swerving around the sharp edges of the cliff face, getting up close to a number of climbers perched on various vantage points.

A mountain biker is also involved in a close call when the parachuter slides round the side of him as he races down a rocky path.

Luckily everyone manages to remain clinging to the rock face and upright on their bike.

Perhaps one of the most impressive parts of the clip is right at the end when the parachuter manages to not only land safely but stay on his feet the whole time.

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