Mystery of blue 'UFO' over Miami Airport solved

Blue smoke spotted flying over airport runway


Strange-looking blue smoke was filmed over Miami Airport and got UFO hunters talking when photos of the bizarre sight emerged - but there's an explanation for the hovering light.

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In a video posted on YouTube by Modesto Figueroa, the trailing blue smoke is seen flying over the airport runway as a man is heard shouting: "Check that out. Woah, it's going to hit the plane".

Social media users called the object a UFO meteor or a comet burning up in the atmosphere.

It turns out that the mystery shape was caused by an Atlas V rocket launching from Cape Canaveral.

After the video was shared over the Internet following the sighting in September last year, the National Weather Service in Miami took to Twitter to clarify the unusual light.

"If you saw the strange light/cloud in the sky this morning, it was the Atlas 5 rocket launch from Cape Canaveral, not a meteor," it wrote.

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