Cara Delevingne admits having sex on planes and getting caught

Margot Robbie also confessed to having sex in a weird place

Cara Delevingne Loves Sex on Planes

Model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne has admitted she's no stranger to the Mile High Club and was once even spotted by a fellow passenger while having sex on a plane.

The 23-year-old told LOVE Magazine: "I've had sex in planes a lot. But I've always been caught. It's super-hard not to get caught.

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"I had sex in the chair on a plane and there was a guy watching. We ended up telling the air stewardess what was happening. Like, 'This guy keeps staring at us. Can you tell him to stop?'"

Actress Margot Robbie, who was speaking alongside Cara during an interview at Comic-Con, which the pair attended for their film Suicide Squad, added that she once had sex on a jet-ski.

Revealing the weirdest place she'd ever done it, she said: "On a jet-ski. A non-moving jet-ski, but in the water."

"Moving?" Cara asked.

"No! That's aiming way too high. A non-moving jet-ski, but in the water," 26-year-old Margot replied.

Meanwhile, one in ten Brits say they have had sex on a plane - many of them with a complete stranger.

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