Dog left with horrific wound after stay in posh pet hotel

Billy the staff obtained a gruesome five inch gash from a clip on his harness

Pet pooch left with gaping wound after stay in posh dog hotel
(Warning graphic images)

A nurse claims her pet pooch suffered a 'rotting' open wound after being left wearing a harness and coat for two weeks at a luxury dog hotel.

Jemma McKenna alleges four-year-old staffy Billy obtained a gruesome five inch gash when a metal clip at the front of his harness repeatedly rubbed his chest.

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The 31-year-old believes staff at Pets Animal Hotel in Lymm, Cheshire should have noticed the dog was seriously injured.

But, the kennels said Jemma told them to leave the harness on for the whole duration of his stay - and Billy was 'happy and in good spirits'.

Jemma, who lives with her physiotherapy assistant partner Neil McKay, 29, in Warrington, Cheshire, said: "I spent quite a lot of time looking for the right kennels because I was concerned about leaving Billy. As a rescue dog, we wanted to find somewhere where he wouldn't be distressed."

Pet pooch left with gaping wound after stay in posh dog hotel

She told This Is Cheshire: "He absolutely stank when he got into the car and when we discovered the wound I was a bit hysterical."

Jemma added: "The vet told me that if he had been a different type of dog he would have died, but Staffies have a more muscular chest than most breeds."

A spokesman for the Pet Animal Hotel said Billy's owners had not told them the dog was wearing a harness under the dog coat.

They claim that had they known this they would have removed it.

The spokesman told This Is Cheshire: "We are absolutely devastated about what happened to Billy. This was an accident, not abuse, and valuable lessons have been learned."

They added: "He was exercised each day using our own slip leads and left us seemingly happy and in good spirits. He is a strong and robust dog."

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