Whale surprises flute-playing paddle boarder

Viviana Guzman calls herself the 'Flute Queen'

              Watch whale-searching paddle boarder get the surprise of her life

This is flute-playing paddle boarder. Yes, we know. But that's not the weird thing. The reason this video is of interest is because she gets the shock of her life on the waters of Half Moon Bay, California.

Viviana 'FluteQueen' Guzman plays the flute for whales in the bay and says they seem to enjoy the music.

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The flautist had just finished playing the flute and was adjusting her GoPro camera when she was surprised by a whale, CNN reports.

The footage shows a whale throwing itself out of the water just inches away from Viviana's board.

Luckily Viviana manages to keep her balance on the board as the whale upsets the surface of the water and dives straight back down again.

Britain's amazing sea life

Britain's amazing sea life