Runaway bus causes chaos in Glasgow

Two injured as vehicle crashes into car and five buses

Runaway bus causes chaos in Glasgow

A bus driver has been suspended after his runaway vehicle caused chaos in Glasgow on Monday.

The bus smashed into a car and four other buses, causing one to crash into a fifth, after he stepped out of it to buy refreshments.

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Two people were also taken to hospital after the incident on Renfield Street. The bus reportedly rolled away after the driver forgot to put the handbrake on.

Runaway bus causes chaos in Glasgow

It first hit a car waiting at traffic lights, which nudged forward and hit a pedestrian. It then went on to collide with other buses on the street.

Paul McNamee, editor of the Big Issue in Scotland, witnessed the crash. He told the BBC: "There didn't appear to be anyone on the runaway bus. It then collided with a single decker.

"It hit four buses and then sent one into a fifth."

Runaway bus causes chaos in Glasgow

Another witness told the Telegraph: "I saw the bus going down the street, the driver was chasing after it.

"The bang was unbelievable. There was nobody on the bus, it hit a car and the driver was lying on the ground for about half an hour."

Today First Bus confirmed the driver of the bus has been suspended.

A spokesperson told the Scottish Daily Record: "As per our procedures the driver concerned has been relieved of his duties while we undertake a detailed investigation."

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