Crocodile feeding tourist attraction suspended in Thailand

Officials concerned over safety of holidaymakers

Crocodile feeding tourist attraction suspended in Thailand

A dangerous-looking tourist attraction in Thailand involving feeding crocodiles from a small wooden raft has been suspended after pictures emerged on social media.

Tourists shared photos of visitors feeding crocodiles from a floating platform. Concerns were raised that if it sunk or someone fell in they would have little chance of surviving.

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The activity was taking place at Anachak Chang Pattaya, known as Elephant Kingdom, which also has around 4,000 crocodiles.

According to the Bangkok Post, the owner, Uthen Yangprapakorn, said each cage can take around eight tonnes and that occupancy is limited to 10 to 15 people each time. He said there had never been an incident involving the activity.

However, Adisorn Promthep, director general of the Fisheries Department, was not convinced safety measures were adequate.

After officials visited the site on Friday, a suspension order for the activity was issued by Mr Promthep for 90 days.

Mr Uthen Yangprapakorn said he was refusing to accept the suspension notice.

According to Pattaya One, the overall license for Elephant Territory is valid until 27 May 2018. The suspension letter does not revoke that license but states that there is "inadequate safety in the mentioned zone and that the owner would have fifteen days to appeal the suspension".

It stressed that "this is not a total shutdown, it is just a suspension of one activity. Other zones can still open as usual."

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