Orangutan pictured clinging to tree after home is destroyed

The animals are on the endangered and critically endangered list

Orangutan Clings to His Home After Being Left 'Stranded, Starving and Left to Die'

Imagine what would happen if someone took your home away and you had nowhere else to go, well that's exactly what happened to this poor orangutan.

His home used to be a beautiful forest of wildlife and trees but that's not quite the case anymore and poor animal was found clinging to the last piece of evidence that anything like this had even existed.

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According to the International Animal Rescue (IAR) that took him in, this sad story is not uncommon, in fact, the IAR just took an incredible journey to relocate three other orangutans after they were also found in similar situations.

This rare footage shows the 48-hour trek they took by car, boat and on foot to return them to the wild.

Orangutans like this are now on the endangered and critically endangered list after starving, getting too close to humans or losing their homes to forest fires.

The IAR says they are busier than ever, desperately working to protect the forest that still remains.

Even if you can't make a trip across the world to help out, you can still do your bit by donating on the IAR website.

The IAR say they are the last and only hope for some of these animals as the rainforest continues to be destroyed at an alarming rate.

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