Locals outraged in Rome as tourists cool off in historic fountain

Bikini-clad holidaymakers pictured splashing around in 17th-century fountain


Locals in Rome have expressed their anger at tourists stripping off and frolicking in the city's historic fountains.

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Three women, believed to be tourists, were pictured cooling off in the 400-year-old Fontana dell'Acqua Paola despite the act carrying a £170 fine.

Online magazine Trastevere vented its outrage on Twitter and wrote: "It is very hot but the fountain of the Janiculum can not become a pool x tourists Rome deserves more respect!"

One social media user, Lucien, stated: "You should go and do something similar in England or Germany. I'm going to tomorrow in my boxer shorts and swimming cap."

Rome has seen temperatures of 32C over the past few days.

Last year, six British tourists faced charges of obscenity in Rome after allegedly stripping off and taking a dip in the historic Fountain of the Naiads.

The four men and two women had reportedly been drinking when they went skinny dipping.

Police arrived at the scene and issued the group, aged between 25 and 49, with fines and accused them of an obscene act in a public space.

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