Seagull drops sun cream on children in new Nivea ad

The commercial wants to prove the importance of protecting kids against the sun

Seagull Poops Nivea Sunblock to Help Negligent Parents

This ad campaign for Nivea was submitted to Cannes Lions for an award, but instead it was given a roasting by attendees.

This new commercial by Nivea shows kids happily playing on the beach only to quickly become victim to seagull droppings... but all is not quite as it seems.

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Yes, you've probably guessed it already. It turns out the robotic birds are actually dropping sun cream on the unsuspecting children as they run around on the sand.

The commercial attempts to prove the point that parents need to be sure they are protecting their children against the sun before they head outside.

A UV camera also shows how well the parents have managed to cover their children in sun cream, those who escaped the clutches of their parents were targeted by the seagull.

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