The germiest places on a plane revealed

Doctors tell us the inflight spots that germaphobes should avoid

A British Airways Safety on board card for an Airbus A320 plane which is kept in the seat pocket

Want to avoid catching a cold on a flight? Then you'll want to keep your hands off the seat pockets, according to doctors.

While it might seem innocent enough, the seat pocket, which usually contains inflight magazines, a flight safety card and a sick bag, is one of the germiest places on a plane.

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American healthcare company Drexel Medicine has revealed some of the worst offenders, with seat pockets top of the list as they are most often used as rubbish bins by many passengers.

According to a feature on its website, the healthcare firm says: "From used tissues to fingernail clippings and dirty diapers, people stuff all kinds of germ-infested materials into airplane seat pockets."

As a solution, it advises: "Just don't use them. It's simply not worth the risk. You should be able to stow things in your carry-on bag or, if they're small enough, in your pocket."

The list of six germy places on a plane also includes tray tables, which comes as no surprise as they were revealed as the dirtiest, most germ-ridden place on the plane in a study last year.

Doctors suggest carrying antibacterial wipes to scrub down the surface of the table and never eating directly off of it.

They also suggest arming yourself with disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer and trying not to touch anything directly if you use a plane toilet.

As blankets and pillows are most often reused flight after flight, health experts say you should bring your own to avoid germs.

Touchscreen entertainment systems are also a germaphobe's nightmare as nearly everyone who has sat in your seat before has touched the screen and there is no way of knowing where their hands had been before that. To avoid germs, you can bring your own iPad, books, music, or use lots of hand sanitizer and remember not to touch your face after using the screen.

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