Foods to avoid before you fly

Want to avoid bloated, gassy stomach and frequent trips to the loo while flying? Read on!

Foods to Avoid Before Flying

In a rush to grab something to eat before you hit the skies?

Health and travel experts say there are certain foods to avoid before boarding a plane to avoid an upset stomach, body odour and needing to frequent the toilet.

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1. Fried food
Experts suggest skipping fried foods because they cause heartburn and bloating or swelling.

2. Beans
We all know they cause gas, so save yourself the embarrassment.

3. Garlic
It not only lingers on your breath but in your body odour and seeps out of your pores.

4. Broccoli
Same with other cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage: they all cause gas.

5. Red meat
Skip a burger to avoid digestive issues and body odour while it stagnates in your digestive tract.

6. Spicy food
Anything spicy can cause an upset stomach and bladder irritation.

7. Apples
They aren't easy to digest and can make you gassy.

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