Dad tries to rescue iPhone from jaws of an alligator

Was this really worth risking his life for?

Dad Tries To Get iPhone That Nearly Became Snack for Hungry Alligator

One man found himself in quite a predicament at a Florida nature preserve after he dropped his iPhone.

That may not sound too bad initially, but wait until you hear where he dropped it...

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The pricey smartphone landed just inches away from a hungry alligator.

Anthony Larrimore and his partner had been taking photos of the sharp-toothed animal when the phone slipped out of his hand.

The gator noticed it immediately and slowly waddled over and tried to bite it. As they waited patiently, a crowd gathered and people began filming the event.

An entire hour passed before the gator gave up and Larrimore was able to reach for the phone.

Although the phone came out of the hairy situation unscathed without any scratches or cracks, it sadly doesn't turn on anymore.

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