Woman causes 7-hour delay after getting off flight to demand divorce

Passenger apparently couldn't wait any longer

Woman causes 7-hour delay after getting off flight to demand divorce

A woman caused a seven-hour flight delay after suddenly getting off a plane - because she decided she wanted to get divorced.

Over 500 passengers who boarded a Moscow-Vladivostok Rossiya Airline flight endured the delay after the women disembarked as the plane was readying for takeoff at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport, reports RT News.

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Passengers took to social media to vent their frustration. One woman, Elena Shteynikova, said on Instagram that a flight attendant told her "a woman aged 40 took a decision to divorce her husband. Urgently! And she needed to walk off the plane. Cabin crew tried in vain to persuade her not to leave the aircraft because this is a long procedure."

The Daily Mail said the woman demanded to be let off the plane for an hour and kept repeating: "I am not in the mood to fly now."

Одна девушка решила не лететь в приморский городок. Причём , она передумала в момент взлёта. Больше часа ее уговаривали остаться. Но, она сказала , что решила развестись и ей надо выйти. Она вышла и вслед за ней высадили 525 человек. По регламенту самолёт должен пройти ещё один досмотр. Идёт седьмой час задержки🙈 #внуково #аэрофлотроссия

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As a result of the woman's decision, all the other passengers had to leave the plane and, due to safety regulations, every piece of luggage had to go through security screening again. This resulted in the seven-hour delay.

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