Man sparks Stansted security alert with gun-shaped iPhone case

Holidaymaker had 'gun' tucked into his back pocket

Man sparks security alert with gun-shaped iPhone case at Stansted

A man sparked a security alert at Stansted Airport this week - by carrying his iPhone in a gun-shaped case.

Essex Police said the man "put himself in such a situation" by tucking the item into his back pocket.

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They took to Twitter to show pictures of the article, and wrote: "Bringing this to an airport makes it much less likely you'll catch your plane. #dontbedaft."

The officers also wrote: "You have a split second decision to make.

"This is what was in the back pocket... An iPhone case. Someone decided to put themselves in a situation today."

According to the BBC and the Mirror, a member of the force said the man risks being charged either with a public order offence or of carrying an imitation firearm in a public space.

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