Alien life discovered at Yellowstone National Park

Sign of life discovered in hot acidic springs

'Aliens' Found in Yellowstone Park

Scientists have made a discovery at Yellowstone National Park that they say could be a sign of alien life.

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The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory Bio Sciences division led a group of scientists to scan the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park - and were surprised found a microbe in a place where it was previously believed life could not survive: the hot acidic Springs.

What's also unusual about the microbe is that it has no cell nucleus or any organ. It lives through cell-to-cell contact with its host, a specific partnership that is found nowhere else on earth. Scientists say this could be a blueprint for how alien life could survive in harsh conditions.

It's amazing that earth is teaming or infested with life around every corner. Some of it lives in acidic and boiling hot vents and some of it takes naps after work. Both are just trying to survive in their own ways...

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