Tourists play real life 'Hungry Hippos'

But the animal refused to take food from their tour guide

Tourists Play Real-Life Game of 'Hungry Hippos'

Two American tourists were treated to a real-life version of the beloved board game 'Hungry Hippos' while visiting Indonesia recently.

The couple were in the middle of a tour when their driver stopped to let them feed the hippos.

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The two hippos can be seen sitting calmly in the water with just their heads poking above the surface.

The visitors threw carrots out of their car window, and the hippo continued to open his mouth expectantly as the treats kept coming

But the hippo appears to be a fussy eater. He refused to open his mouth when the Indonesian tour driver tried to toss it a vegetable, but happily opened it nice and wide again to receive the same vegetables from the laughing guests...

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