'Six-inch alien's house' found in Chile

Tiny 'house with door' found by UFO hunters


UFO hunters claim they have discovered the home of a six-inch alien in Chile's Atacama Desert.

The researchers were reviewing images taken by NASA's Spirit rover when they spotted the tiny creature's house with a "six-inch doorway".

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A clip of the house was uploaded to YouTube by user Luxor2012UFO.

Scott C. Waring, editor of ufosightingsdaily.com picked up the sighting and said: "Check that NASA source...I dare you. It there, it's real, it's freaking history in the making.

"This dark doorway into this tiny home was found by Youtube user Luxor2012UFO. This is the most mind-blowing discovery I have seen all week. This doorway is about 3 inches by 6 inches. It's perfect.

"All its corners are just perfect. This is absolute 100% proof that a tiny intelligent species once lived on Mars. On the right side of the doors edge is a carving, probably the name of the family who owns the home. Please stop by Luxor2012UFO (HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON!) and give him and encouraging thumbs up. Just amazing...no other words for it."

The 'Atacama Alien' was found in 2003 by Oscar Munoz, who was looking for objects of historical value.

According to the Daily Mail, he found a white cloth containing "a strange skeleton no bigger than 15cm" near an abandoned church.

Years later, researchers from Stanford University analysed its DNA and concluded that it was an "interesting mutation" of a male human that had lived to age six to eight years.

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