Council in Spain discovers gardener and driver haven't worked a day in 15 years

The council workers remained on the payroll

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Two council workers in Spain failed to turn up to work for 15 years and got away with it.

The driver and gardener, who worked at Jerez de la Frontera council in Andalusia, were sacked after the town hall finally discovered they had been collecting pay but not going to work.

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According to The Local, the Human Resources department first discovered that they hadn't worked a single day in 2015 or so far in 2016, then looked into the pair's records.

In a statement, the town hall of Jerez de la Frontera said: "Two representatives of the General Confederation of Labour union (the CGT) could have gone years without coming to work; according to a written statement by the men themselves this situation could date back 15 years."

A representative for the men's union, the CGT, claimed the workers had done nothing wrong. He cited a "tacit agreement" with previous councilmen that allowed union members to take off "accumulated days" and to share the holiday days of colleagues.

One of the men has since returned to work. Both face disciplinary hearings.

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