Mosquitoes: Why do some people get bitten more than others?

Whether you're pregnant or a fitness enthusiast, you could be at higher risk

Mosquitoes Love These People

Do you find yourself covered in mosquito bites every summer while your mates don't get touched atall?

Well there might finally be a reason why: you're probably a mosquito magnet!

Health experts say mosquitoes seem to prefer certain people. For example, pregnant women appear to attract the bugs because, apparently, they exhale more carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes.

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This is concerning because the mosquito-borne Zika virus poses a serious threat of birth defects if women get infected during pregnancy.

Athletes are also thought to be at more risk of being bitten. The insects are attracted to lactic acid, a compound produced after exercising - and mosquitoes love the stuff.

If you have got Type-0 blood then you might find yourself with a few more irritating bites this summer too.

According to a study, people with Type-O blood were 83 per cent more likely to get bitten while people with Type-A blood are at the lowest risk.

Do you like to indulge in a poolside cocktail? If you do then you might find yourself scratching that itch the next day because health experts think those the drink alcohol are more attractive to mosquitoes. This is because alcohol raises our body temperature and mosquitoes zero in on warm bodies.

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