Upside-down sea turtle saved by rescue team

The loggerhead turtle was wedged between two rocks in the sand

Upside Down Sea Turtle Saved by Rescue Team

Crews from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation teamed up with The Nature Conservancy to help this turtle out of a troublesome situation.

According to the conservation's Facebook page, this loggerhead sea turtle was found not only upside-down but also wedged between two rocks at Blowing Rocks Preserve, about an hour and half north of Miami.

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Not looking too comfortable, the wildlife team stepped in to help save the endangered animal by flipping her back over and lifting her out of the gap, but thanks to her size it was a real challenge.

The rescue team reported that once she was free she quickly crawled back into the water and swam away.

While the two rescue teams were keen to help the stranded turtle they also reminded beach goers that this is not something members of the public should be dealing with.

They advised people to steer clear of these situations and call in experts to help to prevent any damage being caused.

They added: "This is a good reminder of how you can help nesting sea turtles by filling in any holes that you dig in the sand."

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