This baby gorilla trying to beat his chest is adorable

It doesn't quite go as planned...

Baby Gorilla Falls while Trying to Beat Chest

This adorable baby gorilla wanted to prove that just because he was small, it didn't mean people shouldn't be afraid of him.

So, to prove his strength, he stood up to beat his chest in a display of dominance - but it didn't go quite as smoothly as he was hoping.

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He stands up on his back legs a few times, lunging forwards and backwards before he manages to gain his balance.

When he's finally on his feet, he raises he spindly arms in the air to beat his chest but instead of proving his dominance he embarrassingly fell backwards into the grass and caused the audience watching him to laugh.

Although he momentarily disappears from view, his little head pops back up again shortly afterwards, casting a glare towards the camera before he turns away.

Monkey business

Monkey business