Don't feed the birds: Ostrich attacks passengers in car

Being pecked by an ostrich is pretty scary

Ostrich Attacks Passenger in Car

Having a hungry ostrich poke its head into your car is pretty terrifying, especially when you're the one sat next to the window.

This man didn't seem too happy with the situation and was unlucky enough to be the victim of some pretty furious pecks from the large bird.

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Even though he was offering the ostrich some food, that clearly wasn't enough and the ostrich pecked not only at his hands but took a swipe at his neck too.

When they ran out of ostrich food they quickly had to improvise and the only thing they had left to offer the bird was a half peeled banana which it happily swallowed in one go!

Only when the group offer the animal some flavoured water does the ostrich decide enough is enough and wanders away.

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