Rollercoaster derails at M&D's theme park, seven injured

Tsunami ride at Motherwell theme park derails and falls 30ft


Tsunami ride accident: Several hurt as rollercoaster derails

A rollercoaster has derailed and crashed onto a children's ride below at the M&D's theme park.

Several people are thought to have been injured after the crash, which saw the Tsunami ride fall 30ft to the ground with eight to 10 people on board, landing on top of a children's ride.

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A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said six ambulance crews and a specialist operation team were on the scene.

He said: "I can confirm that we are attending an incident at M&Ds theme park in Motherwell."

Sky News' Scotland Correspondent James Matthews said at the time of the crash: "A very serious situation appears to be unfolding.

"There are approximately seven people who are said to be injured. It's not clear how serious these injuries are.

"But a number of people at least are still trapped inside the ride."

Tsunami ride accident: Several hurt as rollercoaster derails

The BBC reports that one witness described the scene as like something out of a "horror film".

Katie Burns wrote on Facebook: "Literally got off the Tsunami at M&Ds and then walking past and the next lot of people get on and the full thing goes off the tracks.

"Honestly never been so scared in my life, with this weather they should not be on.

"Kids and adults are still on it upside down, it's like something out of a horror film, children crying and everything.

"Literally can't believe this, my heart goes out to everyone on it, a full load came off the track and on the pavement, like a horror film worse thing ever heard and seen, can't get over this."

According to the Metro, a spokesman for Police Scotland said: 'We can confirm we are currently working with other emergency services to ascertain the full extent of the situation.

"We can confirm there are injured parties – approximately seven people."