Everyone is sharing 'that' Ryanair email

The budget airline said it was selling 1million seats from £9.99 to “celebrate remaining in Europe” – even though we’ve voted to leave


Ryanair results

Are you depressed about the referendum result? Fancy escaping to Europe?

Ryanair might have the answer for you.

The budget airline told customers it was selling 1 million seats from £9.99 to "celebrate remaining in Europe" – even though we've voted to leave.

The email hit inboxes in the early hours of this morning, as it was becoming increasingly clear that Brits had in fact voted to leave the European Union.

Eagle-eyed recipients of the email took to Twitter to make light of the situation.

But some who were more disappointed by the result were left with a bitter taste in their mouth.

Ryanair's own shares are down around 20% this morning, a plunge in line with other global markets as the pound hit its lowest level since 1985.